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Rhyming Capers

Our new show 'Rhyming Capers' was designed specially to be performed in hospitals as part of our Theatre for Hospitals initiative.

Snail is feeling down, everyone else has their own nursery rhyme except him. He sets off on a journey through the rolling hills of Nursery Rhyme Land in search of a suitable verse about snails. Along the way he meets many memorable characters including Little Miss Muffet, Incey Wincey Spider and the Muffin Man.

Being in hospital can be a scary and lonely time for a child. These performances aim to make that difficult time a little easier. Through the show we aim to ensure that all hospitalised children, their families and medical staff can engage in an uplifting and inclusive theatrical experience by providing a high-quality arts performance, where an emphasis upon the imaginative art of narrative and storytelling can re-invent a clinical space.


"This is amazing. It makes me happy! The songs are very nice and the characters are funny. I loved the spider and rapping King! I have never seen anything like this before."
H aged 18 years (patient)

"I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely performance of Rhyming Capers at Great Ormond Street hospital last week. My son was an inpatient and the show really cheered him up and brought him some entertainment from the "outside world". The actors were so engaging and funny, and it was wonderful to see my son laugh! I wish you all the best for your future plans and hope the hospital scheme will be a success."
R (parent) with son E aged 6 (patient)

We've never seen anything like it. I liked the show and we would like to see it again."
D (parent) with M aged 3 (patient)

"I've been volunteering here for a year now and this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this. It's great to have it."
R (Hospital volunteer)

Original Cast

Snail: Nicola Rainford
Miss Muffet / Bo Peep / Humpty Dumpty / Duke of York: Emma Bostock
Incey Wincey Spider / Owl / Muffin Man / Tommy Tucker / Old King Cole: Hamah White

Production team

Writer and director: Ollie Fielding
Composer and lyricist: John Chambers
Associate producer: Hayley Fielding
Associate producer: Amy Holson-Schwartz

Production photography

Rhyming Capers Rhyming Capers Rhyming Capers Rhyming Capers

Photos taken at Evelina Children's Hospital, London